Friday 2 March 2012

Feburary - RIB

Well, missing finding the Beans by ten minutes was a nasty experience - but they were excellent birds to see whatever the listing circumstances. Radwell Bridge on the 5th provided a large bunting flock including Corn Buntings, more Pintails at Harrold but best for the SFYL was a Dunlin on the ice. Another three Dunlin at Radwell too. Doesn't seem right to count the Pink-footed Goose at Harrold since it is injured and has been there for months. I did find it though. February 7th - enjoying Steve's Broom Smew through slightly gritted teeth (I'd looked at this pit twice while he was away). Then it was WeBS weekend. A good start with cold weather and a trip to Wyboston, dragging SCB along. Bingo, six Bewick's Swans and a pair of Smew. A few more Goosanders on other counts but the only other SFYT was a pair of Red Kites over the viaduct pit at Radwell. The second half of the month was excellent with loads of additions - the trouble was, they were in Morocco - counts for nothing! I was back for the last couple of days but didn't manage to add anything. I even drove passed a Black-tailed Godwit at Derek Whites - I looked from the car and thought that looks good. But buying rabbit food from G&M Growers mean I'd earmarked Gypsy Lane for a quick scan but to no avail. I added just seven in Feb putting me on 95.

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