Friday 31 January 2014


Despite the crap weather this week I've managed to extract a couple of nice ones - first was a Merlin which shot over the bonnet of my car just sound of Blunham Lake, then gave excellent views sat in the fields, before heading off towards Southmills.  There was nothing very much on the lake though!

The second 'useful' year tick was a Curlew this lunchtime.  I was on my way to pick up Darren from GLE and thought I'd pop in and look for Mr Merlin on GLW.  I knew Darren had been there just 40 minutes before, but you never know, eh?  I pulled up, had a quick scan for the Merlin - no sign, then noticed a lump on the edge of the big puddle.  Bins up - Curlew!  A quick call to Darren and it secured it on his year list too.  Nice of him to save it for me to find...

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