Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Made it to July...

The slow month.  With most of us hoping to find a Quail, apart from the relentless Mr Grimsey who already has that one under his belt, there is little to find and add in July.  Maybe some failed breeding or early returning waders, a Garganey could slip in, there are loads in the Washes.  Other than that it is really making it through to August and then into make or break September.  Can anyone catch Darren?

Right then, butterflies it is for the time being....


  1. I don't think Darren can be caught now, unless we have an unprecedented return migration period. Anyway, I've returned to my Moffin' habit..........................

  2. I won't win Matt - and I couldn't really give a damn either way. There's boundless optimism for you. Plenty of time yet. Having the highest total means f*** all; giving it your best shot means everything.