Saturday, 5 September 2015

BJ @ Stew

The BTO two-letter species code for Black Tern in case you wondered.  This was at Stewartby this morning and captured for posterity with this photo.  (It's the left hand smudge)


  1. Rumour from the locals say this is a bird that has been lingering for six days from the group of four that arrived on 31st August

  2. Yes they do. I'm not counting it. I was aware there were four on 31st August but there was no news since except a report of no Black Terns there the day before (later corrected). So some justification of a new bird and some of a SFYT. However, its not going on. DOM who saw it with me and had no knowledge of the four - could count it!

    1. I'm definitely counting it, as I had no internet access for the previous few days. You surely must be allowed to tick it though, if only for our prescience whilst being soaked at Pegsdon earlier that morning. Did we, or did we not remark that ''we should go to Stewartby, which will be dripping with marsh terns in this weather.'' Stick it on yer list, and to hell with the nay-sayers! Another thing, did we see any birders whilst we were there? No. Any local birder with half a brain would have been at Stewartby in that weather! Our clear-headed, tactical thinking paid off. RIB = BJ = SFYT.

  3. "Any local birder with half a brain would have been at Stewartby in that weather!"

    I'm so glad that I continue to deny being a birder, which I think means I can't be lumped in with the half-wits :-)

  4. I had the same idea but decided that somebody must be at stewartby already given the weather so went to grovebury where i thought I would be alone.

  5. My comments were very tongue in cheek. No offence intended, so please accept my apology if you were, and feel free to call me an insensitive twat next time you bump into me. I don't think you can deny being a birder Jim. You go out with bins, see (and find) lots of birds, so you are a birder! You should still 'ave the BJ though Richard. I am unapologetic about that!