Friday, 13 May 2016

Sweeping 'em up!

Despite the human traffic and lack of time on weekends at my favoured patch, I seem to be getting lucky. Latest conquests of Greenshank, Grey Plover, Whimbrel, Turnstone and today Sanderling and Garganey have really bolstered the list. All to play for over the next week or so. Good luck all.............just need some Terns.


  1. Five days of the week easy access to Broom is better than being nearly half hour away and only having weekend mornings when it comes to weeks like this one. I'm out for terns in the morning hopefully

  2. .......and I'm in Dunstable on an FA course all weekend- I bet you get more than I do. Did see the 3 Blacks today, but not selfies...... and still no Arctic.

  3. QUOTE:- ''Nearly half hour away.'' Aah, you poor kitten. ;-) It takes me 40 minutes to WALK to Meadow Lane, 45 minutes to WALK to Tetworth and over an hour to WALK to Derek White's; so why people feel the need to flipping well moan about having the flipping luxury of a car, I do not know. I don't flipping well moan about flipping walking everywhere...much. ;-)

    Matt, you are local-patching, eco-friendly legend. If Floyd Mayweather is the best 'pound-for-pound' boxer, you're the best mile-for-mile birder!

  4. Half an hour away is too much when there is less than an hour to play with. Great to see that the time and effort being put in is being rewarded. Good luck D :-)

    1. You have a full and varied life Andy! With the exception of birding, reading, sleeping etc, I don't!

  5. Now now Boys! Even though Andy is "Nearly half and hour away" It didn't stop him sneaking his way to Broom to 'take' a Turnstone. He's got far more time than you think and has designs on this year's title.
    Thanks for the comment D, though I will have to drag myself away from Broom if I'm to find Marsh Tit, Turtle Dove and Spot fly this year.............. BTW, well done on turning ML into the go-to destination for the notebook rustlers in 2016

  6. I don't give a flying f*** about winning. I just hope that this year's winner's surname begins with B. ;-)