Wednesday 6 June 2012

Big and purple

Well bloomin heck!  I was only showing Darren the vismig potential of the Boughton End picnic site when I glanced over at Broggy.  And there it was flapping down the lake a big cinnamon brown bird with blackish wing-tips.

Theres a heron flying over Broggy sh!t!  Its a Purple Heron!!

Even at the distance we were viewing from (and only using bins) we could easily see it was orange. Luckily it was flying below the horizon as if had gone in to the clouds we would probably have been none the wiser.

It flew down the lake to the southern end, before starting to circle.  Unfortunately, it was drifting away from us and was getting harder and harder to see against the trees in the background.  We both eventually lost it and phoned a few people in case it dropped in to anywhere local.

Totally unexpected and totally awesome.  That is never a bird I expected to get on my SFYL this year!

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