Tuesday 26 June 2012


While bioblitzing at MVCP on Saturday I bumped in to a pretty scruffy drake Red-crested Pochard.  He was a real crowd pleaser for all those present on my bird walk late afternoon with everyone keeping tabs on where he went.  Otherwise fairly quiet during the day, with other highlights mostly being breeding stuff confirmed Common Terns, Lesser Black-backs, and the only breeding Black-headed Gulls in the county this year.  Also found a female Pochard with four ducklings on my way out of the site, which was nice.

What next I wonder?


  1. Found by Mr Northwood and posted to the newsgroup some time ago. Hope you've not counted it...

  2. Oh bugger. But does 'sometime ago' mean it was long enough for me to forget about? It was certainly a surprise to see...

    (he says grasping at straws)