Friday 16 November 2012


In this year of the Self Found Year List there can be no such thing as suppression. Keeping quiet about the good birds you find is merely good manners. It gives others the chance to self find the same good bird for themselves so boosting their self found list and self esteem. Indeed there can be no greater act of altruism than not promptly reporting the good birds that you find: anxiety in other birders will be greatly reduced, no more fretting about will it still be there and birders cost of living, well petrol costs, will be greatly reduced, no more dashing hither and yon around the county. Of course, your sightings should be reported to the proper authorities at year end but even this has an added advantage, the annual report will be full of surprises! 
And this explains why I am currently bottom of the SFYL list. It's not that I don't find good birds.....

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