Thursday 20 December 2012

Pleased with third - fingers crossed

Not counting my chickens yet. Saw DOM coming up on the rails and ran out a couple of times and snapped up some SFYT Waxwings and jammed in with a fly over male Goosander at Sandy Smith NR one afternoon last weekend. Hoping that should keep him at bay until year end. Next year might be harder to maintain position though unless I can get some decent work in around the wet spots in those first few hours after dawn before the scarcer stuff is found by others.

Here's hoping for one of these that I find and we can all see...

(actually digiscoped at Rainham a few years back - not MVCP 2012 I'm afraid)


  1. I think your days of finishing 3rd are over Mr. G...........

  2. Yup. might be best to work on a numerical target of a round 140 instead and sod the others. Either that or just mop up something of real quality down on these scrubby hills