Sunday 2 December 2012

Weirdie Beardies

Had a crispy walk round Broom this morning. Birds were fairly notable by their absence generally. That was until I got to G&M pits and I bumped in to a nice group of Redpolls. All Lessers unfortunately. A wander along a pit I rarely visit was inspired though, as at least three
Bearded Tits pinged to life on the icy edge - Marvellous!

Add the fly-over Waxwing just after dawn yesterday at Boughton End and I'm one off my target of 160. And I've still got an 'easy' one in the bag left to find...

There be Beardies in them there reeds


  1. Keep looking in the same area. There be Timberdicks in that there G&M Pit 1 in Winter..............

  2. I'm saving a Timberdoodle for the week after Christmas - will give me something to do!