Friday, 26 April 2013


Forgive me but I feel I should brag.  And highlight that I'm now level-pegging with Mr Blain.  My Whimbrel this morning brings me to 132.  Shame the godwit I saw with it wasn't a Bar-tailed...  but I'll enjoy the moment as it won't last long I'm sure!

Not sure if this was the godwit or the Whimbrel...



  1. And Steve had a Curlew at Broom this morning. I'm just wondering if it was a Curlew and not a Whimbrel. ;-)

    Go Bash!

  2. If I didn't ask, someone else would have, DOM. Anyway, its my job. ;o)

    Bask in that glory of equaling my score, Mr Bashford. It didn't even last a day. I had a Whinchat last night. One ahead again! Ha!

  3. Yeah but only by chasing one of my birds. But can't argue with the numbers...