Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bleary eyes

I thought it was about time I started putting in some effort.  So this morning I did an early morning at Broom, followed by a lunchtime back at Broom, then an after work look at Pegsdon, and another drive past Broom on my way home.  I managed two sfyl birds - two Egyptian Geese flew north over Broom in the morning, and a group of three Rouzels amongst a flock of Fieldfares at Pegsdon was the evenings prize.

Next up - waders, Little Gulls, terns, and perhaps some more migrant passerines?


  1. Pah...where's the sport in going to Pegsdon Hills every spring to 'find' Ring Ouzels? Too easy!

    Seriously though, well done mate, and welcome to the wide-awake club. Just think, if you get some early morning practice in now, it won't feel half as bad when August comes around. ;-)


  2. 'Easy' is the way to go through, surely? Why spend 13 hours a day flogging farmland for perhaps a good bird every two days, when you can go to a known hotspot and within half and hour find three? You need transport! ;o)

    1. There is no denying that you speak the truth. As I mentioned to Bash the other day, I think I must be a repressed Catholic, on account of the perverse pleasure I seem to derive from making life difficult for myself.

      On the other hand though, there is a lot of satisfaction to be had from finding decent birds in unwatched areas. It kind of puts into perspective what can be found and where - not necessarily at known 'hotspots.' Good for record collection too, if new sites can be identified and regularly monitored.

      Year to date: two Ring Ouzels, Black Redstart, Woodlarks, LEO, LSW, Mealy Redpoll, 20+ Woodcock....those records would almost certainly never have seen the light of day if I hadn't been 'flogging farmland!' But yes, I do need transport - wildfowl and waders are my weakest suits! D