Sunday 15 September 2013

Black bonus

Decided to sleep in Sat morning with rain forecast and lots of rain the day before so missing out on a potential scoter find but had an unusual opportunity to get out in the evening. Knowing I had Yellow-legged Gull as a gap in the list (there seems to be a distinct lack of big gulls and attractive plough this year), I thought it would be a good chance to try a roost. Diving into Quest Pit first found me two more Ruff and two Black-tailed Godwit which I did not need for SFYL but arrival at Stewartby brought a bonus tick juvenile Black Tern before three YLG were spotted coming into the roost with just over a hundred LBBG. Two ticks in five minutes, can't be bad.


  1. Nice one mate, could be a photo finish for 2nd........

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