Thursday 26 September 2013

What have you left to go for?

Hello gentlemen and fellow-self-finders,

With three-quarters of the year almost gone, what do you realistically have a chance of getting before 2013 is over?

I'm sure some finds from here on in will be a case of 'more luck than judgement', but I think I have possibilities with the following. A couple are probable, some are possible, most are on a wing and a prayer, but frankly, I haven't got a hope in hell of any of them...but I've said that about a few so far...

1) Stonechat
2) Hawfinch
3) Rock Pipit
4) Water Pipit
5) Hen Harrier
6) Marsh Harrier
7) Merlin
8) Scaup
9) Goosander
10) Short-eared Owl
11) 'northern' bunting spp.
12) 'wild' anser spp.
13) 'wild' cygnus spp.
14) lanius spp. (much wanted...)
15. Two-barred Crossbill ;-)
16. Dotterel?
17. Black-necked Grebe
18. Bittern

And I'll have to get a shake-on if I'm to find these:

19. Ruff
20. Osprey
21. Grey Plover
22. Bar-tailed Godwit

What are you all hoping for?

Yours, wishfully thinking,



  1. D,
    ........Hoping for?...... A bit o' time to get out and find some of the 'easy' stuff you've had would be a nice start- but that's about as likely to happen as me winning the SFYL............your green list is very impressive, I thought I may have had a chance with that........

  2. Well for me I'm hoping for a Ruff somewhere - floods at Radwell in the winter have been good to me. Also PF and WF Goose there assuming we get a standard winter with lovely wild geese...unlike the last. Stonechat, SEO, BN Grebe, Rockit, H Harrier and Bittern. Of course, I'll have to find some gulls to get GBB Gull too.

  3. Stonechat must be near the top of my most likely list, but I am missing a trio with similar habitat requirements, Merlin, SEO and Hen Harrier which would all be welcome. After Tree Sparrow getting in my garden last year, a repeat of that luck may be asking too much. Wet-wise Whooper would be good after two lots of Bewicks found at the start of the year but looking at the national picture surely there must be YBW on the hillside scrub for me somewhere...