Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Reward points

My reward for counting almost 400 Mallards at Broom last night were these five spankers.  Blackwit has been a long-time coming on my SFYL this year.


  1. I have often wondered whether certain birding mathematical equations would hold reasonably true year on year. For example, Steve's evening could be simplified as MA80=BW. I wonder how many MA are counted across the county each year for every BW that occurs? And others such as ST?=RZ and BZ?=MR. You would have to be bit sad and have rather a lot of time on your hands to bother working it out. Hang on a second, I know someone who...

  2. Just looked at the most recent population estimates in BB. The ratio for Mallards to Blackwits is 16.1:1
    The estimated wintering populations of Mallard is 710,000 and 44,000 for Blackwit. Obviously, this doesn't account for migrants. And also complete tosh, especially in Bedfordshire! It's more realistic to say 2000:1

  3. What a coincidence. 2000/1 is the odds offered on me winning the SFYL challenge.