Thursday 23 April 2015


I said at the very beginning that I was rubbish at this birding caper and that most of the things I see are by accident. This was proven by my initial oversight of the 2 Little Terns at Peacock's Lake, about 10 minutes before they were seen at GLE. Most terns look "funny" to me, so I pretty much take pictures of every one I see, then quickly check the pictures on the back of the camera for ID but for some reason I didn't check these until I got home, when the white forehead could be faintly seen and the yellowish bill colour stuck out - oh and they were little.

I think the only saving grace in this instance is that the birds were definitely only at Peacock's for no longer than about 1 minute, so the ID delay didn't stop anyone else seeing them there.

I've already said to Matt that I think it would be unsporting to claim them as a true SFYL, hence I've stuck them down as a 0.5 - if that is OK with the other members?

Promise to pay more attention next time to terns that suddenly appear and disappear.......



  1. tick them, one whole point, the record is there for the record as it were which is what counts

  2. OK thanks, and I've changed it to a 1, although I did think a half point was a bit of fun. Also, thanks Andy for the long "thumbs up" down Gypsy Lane today, as I thought the tern had gone after I'd seen it over the other side briefly and it was good to see it properly back on GLE.

  3. Yep defo a 1 one this list. And a cracker too. Looks like i picked a good week to be away....