Sunday 22 November 2015

Nothing to see - hear!

Standing having a natter with Martin S in the general area of the recent #titgate affair and we got around to birds that the site should be perfect for but haven't been recorded there. We'd just mentioned Cetti's, when one gave a blast from the reeds. We hung around for a fair old while after and did get the usual fleeting views, followed by calls from its new position, but not even a chance of a blog standard record shot.

Another one I thought I'd missed this year.

The next bird on the missing list was Bittern........



  1. You're on a streak mate- I've been lurking around those reeds for years in the hopes of finding a Cetti's. Could you win the coveted trophy on your first attempt?

  2. Trophy??? To paraphrase Father Ted - I'm sure someone mentioned a cash prize away back in January! :-)

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