Friday 7 February 2014

Carbon-free; The Legend of the Trusty Steed

In the last post 'its all about carbon-free really' was mentioned. Well, this has been my ethos since the conception of SFYL'ing way back in 2012. (was it really that long ago!).
So with a fully refurbished bike, I set about the task once more. Unfortunately time constraints do hamper my progress in these competitions, but a willing competitor I am nonetheless.
My last couple of trips out have been fairly flat really, 3 hours around the villages to the SW of Bedford yielded very little apart from a stitch! I've found no finch flocks of note, no Woodcock and despite looking around all the rough areas between Beeston and Upper Caldecote; still no Stonechat- for the 3rd year running.
Today at Broom, the Ringo was still present, having already been 'selfied' (if that's a word?) by SCB. But then some light- just as I was about to leave, a Peregrine loomed up over the G&M Pits and drifted slowly south towards Broom. A half-decent selfie at last.................

Meaner than ever: the fully armed and operational  2-wheeled, selfie conversion device.

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