Wednesday 26 February 2014

'Like a giant, pale Bonxie'

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I have been agonising over what to do with this bird throughout today, then this evening, Steve tells me that Glaucous Gull is not even a description species. I find this bizarre but I do not make the rules. I would want a description from me.

When I 'find' a 'tricky' or description species, my thought process is, ''Am I happy with it?'' In this case, the answer is yes. My next question to self is ''Would my description get past a Rarities Committee?'' In this case, I thought not, so I would then enter the record in my own personal database (in this case BirdTrack), then forget about it. However, having shown S my notes this evening, it would appear it would be satisfactory.

I even described the bird as 'being like some bloke who has put a bit of weight on around the middle and so pulls his stomach in and sticks out his chest to compensate.'

So gentlemen, I am afraid that in keeping with my new existentialist finding guidelines, Glaucous Gull goes officially onto my SFYL.

You win some, you lose some...

Please forgive the clumsy similes...



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