Thursday 6 February 2014

Hmmmm, last place.

Well, now that Mr Hicks has added his very impressive "local birds for local people" total in, I can see I'm languishing somewhat.  Martin (who usually gives up after April ;-), is leading, thanks to basically going birding a lot and finding a handful of pretty good SFYL species.  Keep it up MJP!

I did add a species today in my first bit of birding.  A Grey Wagtail over GLW.  Not able to count the nearby Merlin and Ringed Plover of course.

Darren is doing his usual, "Walk and ye shall find" technique and doing very well.  SCB?  Well, he's doing alright too with some good birds already.  And one does have to watch John L down south.  Not a bad local patch...

Mr Grimsey looks to be repeating his 2013 policy of actually going to some good birding sites rather than just complaining about Luton.  This does work, although you can still complain about Luton...

And then there's Matt...

As Darren said to me last week, its all about carbon free really and at least I've done a few miles on my bike and have a reasonable CF total.

Anyway, more birding to come.  Good luck everyone!



  1. You're probably right to ignore me R, I did come last in 2013 after all..........

  2. Said what, Richard? You're not making any sense!

  3. Sorry, was reading another blog. My mistake.

  4. And my best selfie tick this year so far was... In the middle of Luton

  5. Aw, You guys!.............................