Tuesday 18 March 2014

Pink-footed Goose

(definite article/ indefinite article)

Recently, I was reminded that we are playing by Punkbirder rules.

This morning (18 March) there was a Pink-footed Goose with Greylag and Canada Geese at DWE Pits. According to the Punkbirder website, this would be a valid self-find; satisfying both the time and distance criteria:

Unless, of course, someone is able to cite an obscure and esoteric self-finding by-law from 1856.

Just to be on the safe side, I thought I would check for recent, local records:

i) 04 February 2014, Henlow Grange, (RH)
ii) 12 January 2014, Southill Park, (BJN)
iii) 19 January 2014, Wardown Park, (AG)
iv) 06 January 2013, Warren Villas NR (DOM)
v) 02 November 2012, Broom GP's (RIB)

(NB - I cannot find the 2013 SFYL spreadsheet and the only records on the Bird Club BirdTrack account are from Cainhoe and the presumed injured Harrold bird.)

Barry doesn't self-list (ii) and I did not count iv, but why have records i, iii and v been counted as self-finds? The particularly galling point about record v is that I was with Richard at the time but refused to tick it. As I said to him ''I'm not claiming that because there is no way I'd have picked it out, at that distance, and with bins only!''

So, I think that everyone should be able to tick PG's or no-one should, in the same way that we deal with Barnacle Geese.

Also, I am sure I am not the only one to question some claims (I question my own!), so perhaps we should hold votes on the veracity of certain disputed claims as they arise?

Thoughts please gentlemen?



  1. I did lodge a complaint about AG's P-f G. Especially as it was eating bread out of his hand in Wardown Park. But its still on his list, so obviously my grievance wasn't upheld!

  2. Matt overstates the tameness of the luton PFG. Not seen it within three metres of human. It has no doubt become habituated with humans, prob due to association with canadas but that is not indicator of plastic ref studies of wildfowl in parks of London,NYC and LA. No signs of captivity, eg clipping, rings or hybrid features,also in sfyl context is a true "new" bird which cannot be said of the bird that has been well recorded around broom area and southill since before christmas. It is staying on the list for now

  3. I'd tend to agree with AG on this. The Broom bird is often seen in about 3 or 4 sites. My SFYT PFG was a bird at Radwell last winter. Only saw it once. On the plus side, the wardown bird is "new" but on the negative side, it was in a town park. Kinda feels different if you see it/a PFG after a summer absence but only the first can tick it. Like the Broom bird DOM and I had a couple of years ago. But doesn't feel right to tick it later in the same winter period just because it moves to an adjacent lake. Lets just hope we get a group of two or three here and there next winter, after such a poor goose winter.

  4. Clarification please: if you originally thought the DWE Pink-foot was a valid SFYT under punkbirder rules why do you think the Henlow bird is not valid?