Wednesday 2 January 2013

Caspo; the ghost of Christmas past

Caspian Gull at Stewartby Lake
I had a relaxed January 1st – I began on Biggleswade Common where there were 80 Corn Bunts around the paddocks.  Next was Biggleswade Sewage Works where there were at least three Chiffchaffs flitting around the leylandi.  Then on to Broom where I appeared to dip everything on offer!  Ok, I saw two Shelducks, which is one up from what I was expecting so I’m having that.

The afternoon was spent twitching the Broggy Slav, and noting the apparent disappearance of over 1000 diving ducks in the last couple of days.  No Scaup to be found there today. I then tried to get to the MVCP car park but the place was shut!  The road outside the entrance was chaos as there were cars parked everywhere – why they closed the car park on perhaps one of the busiest days of the year for a country park is beyond me!

I then went to the Stewartby Lake layby – which was equally packed with cars – and looked at some gulls.  As if by magic, the first Caspian Gull in Beds for over a year popped out in front of me!  So that was the Beds mega for the day in the bag.  Not much else on the lake, so tried Willington GP for the roosting Bittern.  It was a no-show, but the Cetti’s pipped in to life.  Not a bad beginning to the year.

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