Saturday 19 January 2013


One of the two
This morning started off well, with at least two Brambling amongst a Lesser Redpoll flock of c.30 just outside Potton. But it got even better about an hour later, when I  flushed two Woodlark from private farmland not far from Potton. ''**** me! Woodlark!''

Thankfully, no-one was around to hear me.

Now I had a problem, however. My mobile phone has recently decided not to let me into my address book. Consequently, the only person I can phone on it is the last person in my call log. That person happens to be my mother, who knows next to nothing about birds except that a Grey Heron likes to eat her goldfish. But...she has Steve's number! A quick call was made to my mother, asking her to phone Steve and get him to call me as soon as possible, which he does - arriving on site 20 minutes later. (My mother was a little...confused...shall we say.)

Both together
Veni, vidi, vici. Steve came, he saw, he...photographed. Hopefully, he'll attach one of the better images to this post later today.

Very, very pleased with my morning. I got my tactics right, having initially resisted the temptation to stay in the warm with a pot of tea, a packet of digestive biscuits and Jean-Paul Sartre's Age of Reason.



  1. Another stormin' find, D. If you lived closer to 'the Valley' (or had a car!) you'd be a force to be reckoned with. You already are for 'zero- carbon' Matt!

  2. Bravo! D is certainly dishing out some tough justice at the moment. I can't live with this kind of form, especially after a blank yesterday.
    Rough-legged Buzzard next then Daz?

  3. Oh, and before anyone asks - yes, every Tuesday afternoon.... ;o)