Thursday 10 January 2013

Late starter

First bit of birding yesterday following my Christmas and NY holiday.  I decided to check out Cuckoo Bridge Lake just in case the nearby Great White Egret had flown there.  It hadn't, and the lake gave me nothing remotly worthy of a SFYL gloat.  Still, at least I've started with 27 now on the list...!

And to confirm, the existing rules about self finding detail all we need to know except the "year" aspect.  We're doing this challenge per year, so we have an extra rule disallowing birds found in 2012 and then seen in 2013.  If you wanna self find it, you gotta self find it from scratch.

Here's to another enjoyable year!



  1. Same situation as the last time this topic was raised...and the same species. In fact, good chance it is the same individual. MJP was asking about Meadow Lane PFG in Jan 2012 after several records end of 2011 at Willington and Cuckoo Bridge. All trash for a SFYT. Unless you find two...

  2. So it's more or less impossible to count the/a single PFG then? Oh well DOM- I suppose it has to be struck off!(hehe)
    PFG is a really difficult one. The individual (assuming its the same one) seems to disappear for months only to reappear in winter. Where does it go during its down time?
    Richard can be a bit harsh, but by and large he's fair, and if he doesn't police it- who will. I like to think of him as the judge, jury and executioner of the birding world!............I'm off to Broom tomorrow to find two. I suppose Shelduck is the same. Others have found one at Broom, so I suppose I could count it is there is two or more and I get there first?

    1. P.S. Why Isn't Grimbo's list up yet. We all know you've been out!;^)