Tuesday 15 January 2013

LEO in the Snow

A fabulous five hours and 10ish miles in the snow around local farmland and woodland this morning: 9+ Marsh Tits and 4 Woodcock, followed by a most unexpected, flushed from an ivy-covered tree Long-eared Owl. It wasn't exactly on a public footpath, but there was nothing to say it was private either, so fair game in my book.

I have been kind of expecting Short-eared Owl around the Cockayne Hatley area, so it was a bit of a shock when I realised what species of 'eared owl' I was looking at. Fabulous. A self-found clean-sweep of the Bedfordshire owls is now a distinct possibility.



  1. Bloody brilliant D! Another species not on the 2012 SFYL.

  2. .................Shall we declare you the winner of the envirocup now Darren?
    I've managed about 5 hours of birding this year so far........