Wednesday 27 February 2013


Not what I expected my century bird to be...

With SCB this lunchtime at Broom was instructive in a number of ways; not least comparing our differing scanning tactics. As this is Steve's local patch, he seems to intuitively know where to look first and consequently, often gets onto birds before I do. I, on the other hand, tend to always scan a site from right to left. The logic being that as we are principally a 'left to right' culture, by scanning (counter-intuitively) in the opposite direction, our brain is 'forced' to take in more - or work harder  for - the information it assimilates. It seems to work for me and there is sound psychophysiological evidence to support  the theory.

The Dunlin was dull and about three-quarters of the way across the site from the right. But, when eventually I did scan across to it, I knew what it was and that is - after all - what counts.


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