Friday 2 January 2015


Today (02 January), I stumbled across two Stonechats at Deepdale, Potton.

Question...I have not seen Stonechat there since 28 November 2014, despite walking the site at least twice weekly. Does it count as self-found?

Although it fits the rules of the game - Punkbirder (time category), if that is indeed what we are adhering to -  my own personal view is that it does not quite fit the spirit of the challenge...

Wishing you all a record self-finding year. I had my record self-finding year last year, which is a bit of a bugger. For as the saying goes...''history shows that the moment of your greatest triumph is also the point to which the onset of your decline can be traced.''

I made that up, but I am still not optimistic for 2015. ;-)



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  1. Count it. Long time, no see equals one bird in the bush. I made that up, but yours is better.