Tuesday 20 January 2015

Stoner; 3 years in the making.............

Firstly, I'd like to welcome our new participants and say a hearty 'hello' to the old guard. I would also like to mark the passing of dearly beloved Steve and John from the competition (you will be sadly missed).............

(respectful pause- not longer than a few seconds though)

Anyway, A bike ride around the tracks to the North of Upper Caldecote finally produced!
After saying 'this is a great place for Stonechat' to myself for the last 3 years and countless visits, one female type finally obliged in an area of set aside just South of Beeston.
So that's what SFYListing is all about really. Try out some of the less fashionable places- you never know your luck! Next time it could be a Great Grey Shrike..................

I have submitted a field sketch for your appraisal- as instructed by Richard.

Stonechat- Looking at my sketch, it is very obviously a 1st winter female.

A few trips out lately, including the Duck Hunt haven't exactly set pulses racing and just to clarify to the newbies-

Merlin at Broom GPs- seen, but not admissible due to it being a regular feature in the exact same area for as many years as I care to remember.

Pink-footed Goose at Broom GPs- seen, but not admissible for the same reasons; this bird, in a similar way to the droopy-winged Harold individual is present over Winter with the ever present Greylag flock.

Good luck to all and happy finding in the knowledge that we WILL have a new winner this year.



  1. I think if you don't have the required "record shot", we need your field sketch...

  2. That is wonderful! I saw one of those in Central American last year but couldn't put a name to it. Cheers Matt.

  3. I bet Mullarney and Zetterstrom are looking over their shoulders! This and other sketches of a similar quality will be available at the next indoor meeting.......... A great gift for someone you don't like.