Thursday 15 January 2015

Two weeks in

And we're off with some keen birding.  Three new participants challenging themselves as well as the old lags.  Talking of which, we bid goodbye to Steve B and John L this year who have decided to take some time off - hopefully back next year.

Fairly standard lists from myself, Roger, Jim and Darren - a few nice winter birds seen but its still a bit warm for new proper rares.

Prizes go to Matt for failing to see anything so far - an amazing feat given that he lives in Bedfordshire and has a house with windows and everything...

Luton-based Andy Grimsey has perhaps not gone birding yet, and has a very good list considering where he lives of four (doubling the town list so far recorded since 1946).

Off blog rumours are rife that Martin has been birding and he's been seen twitching so must have added at least a Coot.

Stephen T is hamstrung because his spreadsheet is not working but no doubt he's got some Parus majors on his list.

Play nice, play by the rules.  Any questions or "Can I really count it?" queries, send them in.

Look forward to some fine blog posts.

RIB (J, J and Executioner)

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