Monday 31 December 2012


Apparently, that's what Woodcocks are called in the US.

Anyway, it's only taken me all year to see one, but this morning it took me all of five minutes to find a Woodcock in my local woods. Makes you really wonder why I hadn't bothered to look until now.

So, that makes 161 for the year and a fairly 'average' self-found year for me when compared to the last few. It certainly felt a lot harder than that though this year! What with the gull roosts now gone, and Rookery being 'reclaimed' some easy things suddenly became quite hard or impossible. Still
It makes for a more interesting challenge going forward. On to 2013!

Best of luck folks!

Thursday 27 December 2012

Got my target

Finally, after scanning countless flocks of Tufties and Pochards during the last couple of months I find a 1w drake Scaup at Broggy.  This brings me up to my target of 160 for the year.  I still have to try and eak out a Woodcock from somewhere, so best not forget that one before the 31st!

That Bashford is very close behind mind you.  I'll have to watch him next year and perhaps bring in some sabotage...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday 20 December 2012

Pleased with third - fingers crossed

Not counting my chickens yet. Saw DOM coming up on the rails and ran out a couple of times and snapped up some SFYT Waxwings and jammed in with a fly over male Goosander at Sandy Smith NR one afternoon last weekend. Hoping that should keep him at bay until year end. Next year might be harder to maintain position though unless I can get some decent work in around the wet spots in those first few hours after dawn before the scarcer stuff is found by others.

Here's hoping for one of these that I find and we can all see...

(actually digiscoped at Rainham a few years back - not MVCP 2012 I'm afraid)

Monday 17 December 2012

Solid second?

I've got just five more days in the UK this year.  I guess there is a chance I'll get a Woodcock if I get out of the office and into the woods.  And who know, I may even see a Waxwing (but I really don't think that will happen - they have avoided me so far this influx).  But otherwise, I'll end up a fair few behind Mr Blain.  Good to keep him on his toes and I'll see if I can do the same next year.  


Thursday 6 December 2012

Sunday 2 December 2012

Weirdie Beardies

Had a crispy walk round Broom this morning. Birds were fairly notable by their absence generally. That was until I got to G&M pits and I bumped in to a nice group of Redpolls. All Lessers unfortunately. A wander along a pit I rarely visit was inspired though, as at least three
Bearded Tits pinged to life on the icy edge - Marvellous!

Add the fly-over Waxwing just after dawn yesterday at Boughton End and I'm one off my target of 160. And I've still got an 'easy' one in the bag left to find...

There be Beardies in them there reeds