Saturday 7 December 2013

Two top birds and back in the medals...

Running some errands this morning so not much time to get out and decided a trip down to East Hyde was in order to see for myself the results of the digger's visit to the scrape. Loads of birds around the scrape area included a flock of 16 redpoll, some of which sitting up nicely revealed a nice pale one with gleaming white wing bars and my first BedsSFYT since Stonechat on 20th October. With brownie points in the bag and a fine late afternoon in prospect, I negotiated a trip out with the idea of finding a SEO so headed for Sandy Smith NR thinking that would be as good as anywhere; my reward a male Hen Harrier, yep take that, beats a SEO, shame it did not hang around long. You did not think I would give up third place for long did you ?


First tick since October in the form of a smart, adult female Goosander at Warren Villas NR yesterday morning. I should really spend more time in the Ivel Valley next year, but it is a bit of a walk - four miles there and four miles back. Nevertheless, it will keep me fit and I should see an improvement on my dismal waterbird tally of this year.

Roll on 2014. (And that is 'twenty fourteen', not 'two thousand and fourteen'...we didn't refer to dates in the last millenium as - for example - 'one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven', did we?)


Resident blog pedant

Sunday 1 December 2013

Got Shortie!

I'll have to get on the airfield and see what's there of an evening!  The view of the three Short-eared Owls was pretty distant and I only saw them when they were flying high. Maybe more in there.  But whatever, one more species for 150...