Tuesday 24 July 2012

Pegsdon: Autumn Visits 1 Migrants 1

Last Sundays start to autumn did not materialise as a result of being asleep in bed so it was this Saturday for the off. So far a 100% hit rate. After spending half hour or so around the side and top of Deacon Hill I decided to move off and was almost 200yds south beyond the lone tree and the hole, scanning the terrace below, when I heard a keen "hueet" behind me, which sounded interesting. So a quick run across the top to a position to be sunny side of the bush tops and a nice male Redstart was revealed. The calling and prominence of the bird on the bush top suggested it had just come in and it was not long before it moved from the east side of the hill towards the trig point, where I could not locate it, so I can only assume it had flown on westward somewhere. Maybe starting to get some of the luck that eluded me during searches for waders in the spring.

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