Thursday 13 September 2012

Making up for lost time...

Having missed the key Spring migration period through illness, I am more than making up for lost time this autumn. Once again, little-watched backwaters are reaping the dividends for me. This morning, the disused quarry on Common Road, Potton (site of recent Tree Pipit and Peregrine) again produced the goods with a fly-over, unseen but unmistakable, calling Grey Plover.

P-yuu-eeet!..........p-yuu-eeet!........p-yuu-eeet! (with perhaps a German umlaut over the 'u' to be precise). Sounding exactly like Volker Arnold's recording here.

Very, very pleased with that one. But serendipitous indeed.

SFYL: 120
On foot: 107

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