Saturday 9 February 2013

Red, some more Red, some really good Red and some whopping Big Brown

Saturday mornings at this rate all year will be most welcome. Another good few hours out with four more SFYT. Started right at base level when I finally walked past some Red-legged Partridge at Hollington, then more red legs on show at Stewartby where my first Redshank of the year was on the yacht slipway. Was quiet otherwise both there and the Pillinge so moved off to the lesser watched pits, usually a good move for self finding. Scanning the south end of Quest, where the water level has risen significantly up the reed stems, I was most pleased to find a red-head Smew which subsequently got up and flew right past going up towards the north end of the pit. Chimney Corner South had an increased number of diving ducks but no good swans for me this week so went for a look in the North pit. As I came over the bank at the north end, a Bittern rose out of the reeds just in front and flew round in a sweeping curve over the near part of the lake before dropping back into the reeds on the western side where it could be vaguely seen moving through the reeds before being lost to view. He's in here somewhere...


  1. I think I can see it in those reeds..........

  2. We all know he made it up. I can only see reeds.

  3. If you stare at it for long enough you will see some of them moving. Don't blink though