Sunday 10 March 2013

Stuck in Luton

Not my normal Saturday first thing birding this week when I looked out of the window and discovered it was thick fog as it had been all the previous evening. If there was anything out there to be found it would not be until the fog clears and that would have been after my curfew so stayed home to do my jobs, other than a quick half hour in the afternoon to go WEBS-ing in the local Wardown Park.

Mother's Day much them same with plenty of brownie points to be scored. Did pick up one tick though, driving around to collect my mother-in-law for lunch when two Egyptian Geese were seen flying north east over the town, possibly out from Luton Hoo. So that goes with the ton-up Woodcock from Sandy Smith last Sunday to take me into the second century.

Wardown Park, Luton - just checking that there was not a Bonaparte's lurking...

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