Saturday 8 February 2014

Birder gets Bittern while trying to get a Shag

Sounds like one from the tabloids...
With wind and rain around this week, thought best to look at some water again this morning. I got very excited about a bird that looked like and behaved like a Shag in the choppy water by the reeds on the distant side of the Pillinge and went for a quick walk round to get a proper view. Could not refind the bird but was surprised to disturb a Bittern from within reeds near the newly constructed hide which flew over the water and disappeared towards the corner where the old hide sits. Bumped into Mr Northwood and seems most likely that the "Shag" was a looky-likey Cormorant that he described and which he had similar initial thoughts about last week, and which has a Shaggy jizz too (small and springy in the dive). Worth keeping an eye out though,


  1. Shags are very hard to find- especially when you get passed 40.............
    Still worth it for the Bittern- I'm still hoping to find one at Broom. Before all the habitat around G&Ms gets grubbed out!

  2. Although there was a Bittern there last month per Pip and reported via MJP last week. So not a particularly quality "find"

  3. Birding on the edge.. the edge of the rules. Sure there must be another one somewhere in the pits for me

  4. Reminds me of the Double-crested Cormorant finder's tale. That bird was reported as Shag and Cormorant before its true identity was revealed........