Sunday 9 March 2014


With the report of three Glossy Ibis nearby, and the assumption no one has bothered looking for them, I headed to Radwell yesterday.  Loads of birds!  But no Glossy Ibis.  It doesn't matter because it was a nice walk round, with no other birders in sight.  I managed to score four Pintail, Whooper Swan, two Goldeneye, and a whopping flock of 250 Goldfinches (only one SFYL addition in that lot).

As it was so nice, I thought I'd check on Harrold too - not as many birds but glorious views of the Goldeneye there, and the pair of Red-crested Pochards are always lovely to see.

I also had a quick sneak over the border to Summer Leys - what a fantastic site this is!  I wish the Wildlife Trust would create a reserve like it in Beds.  Just tons of birds, excellent views, and loads of visitors.  The two Great White Egrets were easily seen within five minutes of getting out of the car.  Beds is a very poor relation.

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