Saturday, 12 April 2014

What's happening?

Not much.  The wonderful migrants are appearing each day but lovely as they are, don't really help in the league table.  We've all added a warbler or two, a hirundine or two.

Nah, we need Redstarts, Garganeys, Sandwich Terns and decent passage waders to break away from our rivals.  The main change is the powerhouse of Mr Carbon - DOM has hot stepping his way into the lead over Mr Palmer's early winning streak.

Not much difference to the rest but its just about key Self finding time!

Let the passage begin...


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  2. As previously mentioned, ''the SFYL table is fake.'' There is no danger of me becoming self-congratulatory; but let me be perfectly clear - I have neither a career, nor a partner, nor dependents.

    I think I should probably be 'Mr Zero-Carbon' R!

    Someone needs to embark on a hot streak. A few key birds now could be crucial come the day of reckoning.

    Good luck all.


  3. Indeed I missed the zero...but incidentally, that was the total of SFYTs I got visiting Rookery, Quest, Chimney Corner n & s and Gadsey Brook. Nice afternoon though! Not sure of your use of the word neither though DOM... Three things?

    1. I think it is a bit old-fashioned, but acceptable. A bit like me I guess. ;-)

      I also drew a self-finding blank yesterday, despite eight hours in the field. Wind turning easterly on Monday night!