Saturday 21 March 2015

Dun for fun + Chicken run.

I am well off the running again, puffing and panting in the lower middle order. But its all the more sweet when I actually see something at Broom that hasn't been seen by 10 other birders first!
Visits have been fleeting and infrequent this year as I save up valuable brownie points to get the Spring passage birds when Spring really kicks off. Though admittedly, now you can fall out of your car and watch birds at GLE- the task been made much harder.
A male Wheatear and a presumed newly arrived Chiffchaff were nice to see.

But my pictorial offering has come in the form of a long range shot of a Dunlin- none have been reported at Broom since last week, so I think this one is Bona Fide!

Caught in good light and clearly showing a classic winter plumage individual. I just couldn't face another field sketch!

Jim- I am available for photographic tutorials- just give me a call and I'll arrange an exclusive workshop..........................;)

Dunlin- click for a grainier view.
 STOP PRESS!- I managed to catch a female Rhode Island Red in the garden too! I can see its going to be a passage filled Spring!

Obviously exhausted after a long flight- it almost looks tame!


  1. Thanks Matt, I'd be particularly interested to learn how to introduce such crazy angles to my shots, so will bring my camera to your guided tour of Broom GPs in April. Also, what happened to the chicken, did it make it past Sunday lunch time? Jim

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  3. Thanks for the reply Jim. Strangely, you are the only one that has taken up this offer. You can't teach the 'sloping water' trick. It's down to years of practice! I presume the chicken continued North to its breeding grounds..............