Thursday 22 October 2015

Another Broom GPs 2 bagger

A bit of a bimble around the Broom area today threw up a Jack Snipe in the area of the G+M Pits and then a Caspian Gull at GLE having a wash and preen, before it flew off in the direction of Langford. I did get Steve to check my homework on this one and although my proper camera is away being looked at just now did get a few shots through the scope with the phone.

Not for the SFYL but I was also treated to the stunning sight of a Peregrine making a couple of failed attempts at taking Mallard off the water in the G+M Pits.

Tree Sparrows are back (I haven't seen them mentioned recently) on the hedge along the game strip at Upper Caldecote. I won't be adding these to my SFYL total, as I think that would be a bit cheeky.


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