Monday 2 January 2017

Will there be a SFYL 17?

Has the award ceremony happened yet?
Looks like the diminutive Mr. Grimsey has taken the title? Is that right?
Are all the current runners and riders playing next year?
I will be happy to prop up the table again in 2017......................
Happy New Year to all of the esteemed SFYListers!


  1. We should do it again - or at least the general principle of self finding birding. Would be great if more would get involved of course.

  2. As I mentioned to Richard the other night, the blog gives a good place to post some of my sh#tty photos

  3. Yep - happy to keep going. I "enjoy" my Bedfordshire birding (despite not being a birder blah blah - I'll see how long I can keep that excuse going) more than anything else to be honest.