Monday 9 April 2012

Chasing scarce before the Spring rush

Despite the season, not much to be added for me these last couple of weeks. A thorough search of Maulden Woods did not get an LSW but a hopeful stakeout of the pool in the pines did bring me a SFYL Crossbill coming down to drink as well as a few Redpoll and Siskin in late March. A weak tick in form of a pair of LRP at Broom was claimed after an otherwise empty early morning there.

I was expecting to drop back a little with no Bedsbirding over the four day Easter holiday as I was required to work on Friday before a dash up to parents in Coventry for the whole of Saturday and Sunday family stuff so I squeezed in an early Pegsdon on Fri 6th and was delighted to pick up a male Ring Ouzel to start off the season at that location. All I’ve got to do now is refind the G. W. Egret next time it comes into Beds.

Did find a free flying small white Cockatoo sp on my parents TV aerial and then later in the next road. It seems that the SFYL activity is yielding more than its usual share of exotics.

Cockatoo - just departing stage right

To maintain the standard of images, here is a record shot from Pegsdon in the fog, no prizes for getting the species right

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