Monday 23 April 2012

They're avoiding me!

Out in the field and birding by 6am and three and a half solid birding at the prime sites of Harrold and Radwell.  You'd think I'd be rewarded with some migrant padders.  Well thanks a lot Bedfordshire...for the Sedge Warbler valiantly singing all by itself at Harrold.  Where were the Reed Warblers and Cuckoos?  Then some hedgerow wanderings and driving-with-the-windows-down failed to give me either whitethroat species.  And as for House Martin...

The much needed Garganeys, Whimbrels, Redstarts and Ring Ouzels didn't show either.

So now we have the (quite frankly shocking) situation of MJP jumping into second place, a mere nine scarce quality passage migrants behind SCB.  The sly Mr Grimsey is also doing well.

A Harrold scenic.  A local initiative to improve the view of the Cormorant colony.

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