Wednesday 24 April 2013

Passerine Progress

The middle ten day period of April passed without me finding a Redstart on the hills despite regular walks and plenty of Ouzels and Wheatears entering the notebook. Then on Sunday morning a distinctive call had me jogging up the face of Deacon Hill from the fence line to get some glimpses of an elusive female dodging around the base of the bushes near the trigpoint. In the bag ! …though was not too worried as I have never had a problem finding them on autumn passage. Better and more SFYtickworthy was a Tree Pipit that sat almost totally still for quite a few minutes on a tree top before bounding on northwards. Added to a blue-headed moustached reedbed dweller I had found on Saturday, that completed three decent passerines for the weekend, making up for the complete lack of terns or waders that I had been hoping to find at daybreak; maybe next weekend…

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