Monday 13 May 2013

Prrr Prrr

Driving into the scrapyard corner pull off at Stewartby in the vague hope of finding a Turtle Dove, it was a real surprise to see two doves and a Wood Pigeon fly up from the gravelly road side and disappear over the hedge towards the lake side path. My immediate thought that they were Turtle Doves was doubted when I realised I was wearing my shades for driving on the sun and knowing there was a pair of Collared Doves on the corner the previous week. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, it was time for a walk and five minutes later they were on the list, one even coming down into the scrub 10m in front of me above the ditch. I must admit that I was not expecting to get TD on my SFYL for 2013.


  1. I am expecting to get it but...can't get anything at the moment.

  2. Nice that there is a pair at this traditional site. I may have to go a bit off piste to get one this year. A difficult one to 'bike bird' now days.

  3. Still early yet, plenty of time...