Saturday 18 January 2014

Tetworth WeBS/ Duck Hunt, 18 January

Four SFYT's this morning from the Tetworth Estate; from the sublime - Merlin, to the ridiculous - Feral Pigeon. Also, an amazing 82+ Snipe, with at least one Jack Snipe amongst them, although at times it was difficult to keep up, as there were so many birds in the air at once. I was surprised that no Teal were present, (there were 60+ late last year), although this does seem consistent with events elsewhere - wildfowl have just 'gone.' [Edit- just had an email from the Estate Manager, who tells me he hasn't seen any Teal for three weeks.]

This seems a little counter-intuitive - they were present before the New Year and generally it has been mild, so what has prompted this wildfowl exodus?

Now SFYL 76, zero-carbon 75.



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