Saturday 17 May 2014

Av it!

An early morning start at Broom paid instant dividends in the form of these beauts!

The birds were only twitchable for around 15 minutes before flying south. But not before birding royalty in the shape of Lee Evans got them on his '14 Beds List.
I must say I'm please with my grainy photo too, as this is a phonescoping 1st attempt and is at least in keeping with the ethos of this blog. Later on Spotted Fly, Nightingale and Cuckoo also seen/heard this morning. The zero-carbon gods are certainly smiling today................................


  1. Pure, and I mean pure, quality Matt. Your zero carbon list is mighty fine...Hope the WeBS gods smile tomorrow.

  2. Thank you R. Can't wait for some early mornin' WeBS action! Be lucky all..........

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