Wednesday 28 May 2014

Birding economics

During 2013, I averaged one new bird for every 108 records that I submitted. So far during 2014, the average is one new bird for every 70 records submitted.

However, as the year progresses, the law of diminishing marginal returns takes effect, whereby marginal utility (or new ticks, in birding terms) decreases despite an increase in output (or records submitted, in birding terms).

If I continue submitting records at the current rate (approximately 64 per day) until December 31, and I add one new species for every 108 records submitted, I am forecast to have a county self-found year list of 216 for the year.

So this exercise proves conclusively that some macro-economic theory, when applied statistically and selectively, by a monkey, is a load of old bollocks.



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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this mighty list as a bit of New Year's Eve reading. You better pull your finger out though- June and July can be a bit slow.............