Wednesday 8 April 2015

Ring my bell

I'm glad that it only took 2 visits and approximately 5 hours of tramping around Pegsdon this year before I caught sight of a couple of these beauties, as it usually involves a lot more effort (and swearing).

Just about to pack up and come home tonight when a distinctive "chack" call rang out from the hedgerow at the bottom of the western slope of Deacon Hill and then luckily (and surprisingly) both birds went up into the top of the large trees with some Fieldfare and Starlings. The birds then went down into the scrub near the water trough, with one even occasionally breaking into song, something I'd never heard before.



  1. Nice one mate! I live and hope that I can beat the dog walkers to one around GLW, Broom over the next week or so............

  2. Good luck with that then Matt, as they (dog walkers) seem to be getting into all the nooks and crannies down there just now and there are a couple of regulars (not me) that put their dogs into the water at GLE also.

  3. Well done for kicking off ouzel fest Jim!