Saturday 4 April 2015

Stewards' Enquiry required

Gentlemen of the SFYL jury, I require your adjudication on today's GGS sighting.

I'm sure this is the SSNR bird but it obviously roams about a bit and I last saw it on the 22nd of March on a private site close to SSNR. In this instance I'd been told earlier in the day that the bird was still about and, although I wasn't actually looking for it, the fact that I knew it was about discounted it as a SFYL "tick".

I was on a different part of this site today doing a bit of dog training after a few hours at Broom (3 LRP, 9 Swallows through and PFG showing well) when the cheeky bugger briefly landed on a bush fairly close by. Having learnt my lesson after missing pics of decent birds before I now always try to have the camera to hand and managed a couple of shots before it flew off in the general direction of SSNR (so maybe still worth a look there also?). In this instance I was not looking for it and having been raking around this area during the past few weeks thought it had gone.

Either way, I never tire of seeing these birds and it must be on its way soon.



  1. Personally, I'd not count it. Seems harsh but, at best, it is a great bird to see. At worst, it is simply the wintering bird.

    I've never found a GGS in the UK. Would love to!

  2. Thank you for the replies and info gents and as I'm mainly a rugby follower, not a toerag of a footy fan, I'm more than happy to follow the guidance of the referees. I'm obviously new to this caper and didn't went to get a red card in my first season. I'll just have to find it again in October, or even better get a picture of the 2 of them together if that ever happens again (I'm still smarting over that one) :-)

  3. ..........A brand new site, far enough away from traditional locations is the clincher. I was lucky enough 'for one to find me' in Lincolnshire earlier this year. It was found in a very ordinary location along a country lane just outside a village. If it can be done there, I'm sure it could be the same case in Beds, got to be a bit jammy though!